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Mental Knife 10

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This Bundle Includes:
Mental Knife CD

Mental Knife Blue/White Marble Vinyl LP
Pressing Limit 750

Test Press Vinyl LP
Limited to 10

Full Album Digital Download will be sent via email on the release date
Instant Tracks "Suffocating Syndrome", "Mental Knife", "The Stranger In Our Pictures" and "Glass Half Empty"

Glitch Black T-Shirt

Glow Black Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Glow Black Hooded Sweatshirt

EKG Monitor Enamel Pin

Instax Photo
Limited to 20

Signed Drum Head
Limited to 10

Wooden Symbol
Limited to 20

Track Listing
1. Gouge & Uproot
2. Mental Knife
3. Suffocating Syndrome
4. Devotion Cuts
5. The Stranger in Our Pictures
6. A Lesson in Lust
7. Risk/Reward
8. Feel It When Convenient
9. Arcane Justice
10. Glass: Half-Empty
11. On Existence

Bundle Limited to 10

Album Release Date Is September 28th 2018

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